Take a Seat … in the Construction Sector

Having the seats in your construction machine in good condition is a critical part of the role for the plant manager of any company operating construction machines – namely diggers, dozers, dumpers, shovels etc.

As well as keeping the operator comfortable & happy 😊…it also ticks the health & safety box, damaged seats can cause a spiral of health & safety problems ranging from comfort issues to serious spinal injury resulting from impact etc in emergency situations.

Here at ROCKFORGE we understand that being a plant manager is a busy & stressful job…that’s why we understand that it needs to be as quick & easy as possible to get the correct seat for the right machine. At ROCKFORGE it only takes 3 small & simple steps to get the right seat. They’ll take you less than 5 minutes – you can even delegate these out 😊.

  1. Simply take a clear photo or two of the seat & any labels and email it to sales@rockforge.co.uk & put in the subject “Seat on my “Machine Make/Model”.
  2. Also note whether the seat has a mechanical or air suspension and if possible the measurement of the slide rail centres. Put all this info in the body of your email.
  3. Press SEND & Get in touch with ROCKFORGE’s wear parts advisors to make sure they’ve received your email…they will then advise the best seat that fulfils your requirements.

Our most popular range of seats for construction machines

Seating Range

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