The Guarantees That You’ll Get from RockSeal

Anyone that’s had a puncture can sympathise with how annoying they are…the machine is out of action, creating a backlog of work…putting strain on the other machines that are operational. You need to arrange for the tyre to be repaired or perhaps get your onsite fitter to “down his tools/the job he’s doing & sort this problem immediately”– all that costs money. Plus, the machine is still sitting there, not doing a thing & you’re overloading the other drivers – it’s the dreaded word in every person who own & operates machines – DOWNTIME!! Let us introduce you to ROCKSEAL – a construction grade puncture sealant.

What is Rockseal?

RockSeal simply put, is a blend of fibres & gums that are held in suspension. When a hole occurs in the tyre, under pressure the sealant rushes to go through the hole…at that stage because of the factors of narrow aperture, weight & air pressure a chemical reaction happens. This leads to the fibres coming out of suspension & forming a plug in the hole. Behind this visible plug the puncture stays moist, meaning the plug will never dry out & fall from the hole.

Benefits of RockSeal

This is a construction grade puncture sealant that will seal up to 16mm rebar holes – in any tyre. It is a water-based product that causes no harm to the tyre, even keeping your rims free from rust! There are three benefits we guarantee you’ll get from using ROCKSEAL:

  1. No downtime – punctures seal within a second or less meaning there’s no need to stop the machine to asses the puncture & repair it, after all downtime eats your profit. You can also cancel that expensive “maintenance” contract you have in place for repairing punctures when they pop up!! Secondary damage caused by running flat & not stopping in time after a puncture is also eliminates fully.
  2. Easy application – all you need is a high-pressure pump!! We supply the sealant in 25 litre drums & the sealant is installed against the pressure…simply remove the valve core, quickly attach the pump & pump away to install the require dosage of sealant. The whole process of installing sealant in 4 tyres should take you around 15 minutes – quicker than a puncture!! No tyre pressure is lost in the installation either.
  3. Permanent repair that will not ball-up in the tyre – remains as a pool in the tread of the tyre…as soon as it’s punctured is forced out plugging the hole. As sudden bump may knock the plug out, but on the next turn of the wheel it will be sealed again.

Are you interested in reducing you machine downtime & preventing punctures permanently??

Rock Seal Applications

  • Loading Shovels
  • Backhoe Loaders (e.g. JCB’s)
  • Rubber Tyred Excavators
  • Skid Steer Loaders
  • Site Trailers
  • Off-Highway Trucks & Lorries
  • Dumpers
  • 6-Wheel Dump Trucks
  • Water Bowsers
  • Tractors
  • Grass Cutting Machinery
  • Rough Terrain Forklifts/Telehandlers

How Rock Seal Works

When a hole occurs in the tyre, under pressure, the sealant rushes to go through the hole. At that stage a number of factors (narrow aperture,weight and air pressure) result in a chemical reaction taking place. In turn the fibres come out of suspension and form a plug in the hole.

It may be knocked from the hole by a sudden bump or vibration, but during the next turn of the wheel it seals again.

Rockseal performance is affected by factors such as:

  • Weight
  • Air pressure
  • The volume of air in the tyre

We do not recommend RockSeal for cars travelling on good roads at speeds in excess of 60 mph because it is impossible to balance the wheels containing the sealant, therefore any punctures will not seal properly.

See It in Action


Check out ROCKSEAL here

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