Sanitisation Solutions for the Industry

As a nation, we are preparing to
return to work. It is now more important than ever to maintain sanitary working environments.

To help keep construction sites open and businesses moving we’ve introduced a new range of sanitisation products tailored specifically for their effectiveness and ease of use on-site and in the workplace.



‘Zapptizer®’ Misting Gun – High-Pressure Disinfecting Sanitiser

A cost-effective, simple to use, portable mist-spray system. Designed to quickly and efficiently sanitise a range of on-site equipment such as; Tools, Plant, Vehicles, Workshops, Facilities and much more.

‘Zapptizer®’ is alcohol-free and non-staining. It’s unique ingredients rapidly and effectively kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, fungi and moulds on both hard and soft surfaces. Also tested effectively on enveloped viruses which can include Coronaviruses and Type A Influenzas. One 22ltr canister can cover a very large area, up to 700-750m² making it an economical and rapid way of sanitisation.

The ‘Zapptizer® Gun’ features a fogging nozzle and comes with a 4m long hose. The hose is connected separately to the canister via a single-threaded value allowing the ‘Zapptiser Gun’ to be re-used any number of times once a canister is depleted.

Zapptizer® Gun & Hose Kit (one-off cost)

Zapptizer® 22ltr Canister

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Mobile Wash Stations

The ultimate solution for additional handwashing facilities in any area, using the latest technology to provide a highly flexible, safe and durable hand cleansing facility – Anywhere!

Available in either 20l capacity (suitable for x100 hand washes) or 40ltr capacity (x200 hand washes) the units are fully portable, free-standing stainless steel units to provide hot water for handwashing. Soap dispenser and paper towel dispenser are optional extras for both at £390 and £158 respectively.

10ltr Mobile Handwash Station – £3,740

MHS1010 690mm(w) x 500mm(d) x 950mm(h)

20ltr Mobile Handwash Station – £3,990

MHS2020 1070mm(w) x 470mm(d) x 950mm(h)

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sanitising aerosol


Personal Sanitising Aerosol – 400ml

For individual users when working on-site or in a new location this hand-held aerosol provides an effective sanitiser for hard surfaces such as vehicles, tools and other common workplace touchpoints. This fast-acting spray contains high-strength 70% alcohol and is colourless.

x1 Sanitising Aerosol – £8.99
x6 Sanitising Aerosols – £46.99
x12 Sanitising Aerosols – £86.99

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instant hand sanitiser


Instant Hand Sanitiser – 236ml

Keep your hands clean from germs and viruses with this easy to open and portable hand sanitising gel. The plastic flip-top bottle can be carried with you anywhere so you can disinfect hands after touching potentially contaminated surfaces.

While on-site, this clear gel is a great alternative to trying to find a public washroom to clean your hands with soap and water. It has an alcohol-based content and has the added feature of containing moisturising elements such as vitamin E and aloe vera so your skin won’t dry out. Sanitisation products from Rockforge.

x24 Hand Sanitisers – £144 (£6 each)

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